Australia Day Footy Back With a Bang

The Australia Day Plate made a comeback last Sunday in Islandbridge, Dublin, in a game that pitted the Irish Warriors Development side against a team assembled with AFL Ireland League players selection, dubbed ‘The All Stars’.

The game certainly lived up to the clichè ‘a game of 4 quarters’ as the All Stars held their own in parts against a vastly experienced Warriors set up.

Irish Warriors Development Squad

1st. Quarter
It was a cold and blustery day in Islandbridge when the teams took to the field. The Irish Warriors came out flying scoring 2.1 to 0.1. The league All Stars stabilized and clawed back a goal before quarter time.

2nd quarter.
The Warriors came out strong with three goals right away and continued pressurised the makeshift All Stars team. The All Stars dug in and did a good job to slow down the scoring.

3rd quarter.
The third quarter was a tough fought battle that ebbed back and forth with both teams having their chances. The Irish team took their chances and increased the lead. The All Stars got stuck in and upped the physical play and thwarted the Warriors attack once again.

4th quarter.
The sun came out and fatigue set in. Space opened up and both teams had strong spells.
It was a spirited effort by the small Stars but The Warriors experience in the end proved vital and exploited the All Stars lack of cohesion.

AFL Ireland All Stars Team

Overall it was a bright day for Irish footy with a strong showing of over 40 players both from Ireland and abroad with tough tackling and good skills on show from both sides.  (Credit @noahliberty for summary)

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